Titling the New Blog

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the morning commute

As a bunch of you already know, I’ve been doing major “spring cleaning” concerning my web-world. Too many pieces, unconnected, floating around out there. Far from being a rotten job, I’ve had a good time with it. Each blog, each website (and I’ve got quite a few) is a record of the things that are important to me. With 15 years of them spread out before me like some digital time-capsule, poking around in them and mulling them over, was amazing. And enlightening. I began to notice some common threads.

When it came time to give the blog a name, to answer the question “What’s this about?” , I had a pretty good idea. It was going to be about music and pictures. And, mostly about music and static images – paintings, photographs, – and writing that invokes mental images. I’ll write about music and moving images too, but there’s so much more about that already. Maybe I’ll make sure to post links….

So, that’s what this blog will be about. Music and Pictures. I welcome comments.

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