Louisville Moments

I’m from the south. Louisville, Kentucky. It’s not the deep south, but it’s not the north either. One thing I know came from there, a personality trait of mine, is my love of “visiting,” in particular with strangers. This is far more common in Louisville than Minnesota. Maybe it’s because Minnesota winters have taught natives to limit small-talk and keep moving to avoid death by exposure. Not much of an issue in KY.

In KY, Sheralyn and I know that while on a walk we might meet a stranger, pet their dog, and 30 minutes later know more about them (gallbladder surgery, family history, past pets) than I know about most friends where we now live. Sheri and I call it a Louisville Moment. It’s not for everyone. But, I love hearing stories. It’s good since I’m devoting a lot more time to becoming a better writer.

There are really interesting folks everywhere. I’ve found that all I have to do is show a little interest and they’ll often open up. And people have some amazing life stories. I always come home and tell Sheralyn about the people I meet. They’re not the usual folks you’ll read about in the papers, even the local rags.

I thought that I’d share some. Nothing too in-depth, just bits about the people I meet and have a L’ville Moment with. I’ll be posting one each week.

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