Music & History Programs

Music is one of the longest-lived pursuits of human beings. From the earliest musical instrument discovered (a flute made from the bone of a bird 35000 years ago) to jazz and rock and pop, it’s an incredible story of our inventiveness. It’s fascinated me for almost as long as I’ve been a performer. It’s what I did at university.

Today, I present entertaining programs for libraries, schools, organizations and communities about the fun and fascinating history of music. My programs involve lecture, visuals, and musical & instrument demonstrations.

Everyone loves music, and it’s my experience that the stories behind the songs make the music come alive even more!

Message me through the contact page for program info, pricing and availability.

Current programs:

  • Birth of Jazz
  • Music in the Movies
  • Country Music – from the cabin to the world.
  • From the Old Country – How Immigrants’ music influenced a century.